Rewatchathon 2017

When I started this whole shebang ten years ago, the point was to force my hand into not just watching more films, but specifically more films that I’d never seen (hence why watching stuff I’d seen before doesn’t count). Back then I felt like I wasn’t making enough time for films, especially as there were all sorts of great movies I’d yet to get round to, not to mention my massive pile of unwatched DVDs.

After ten years of doing it, I still have a massive pile of unwatched DVDs, and now Blu-rays too, and there are still plenty of great movies I’ve not got round to… but at least I’ve seen some of them, and a lot more besides. But one thing I’ve spent a decade not doing so much of is rewatching films, whether they be old favourites, new favourites, or things that deserve a second chance. I mean, why watch something I’ve already seen when I can spend that time on something that counts towards my tally? There have been years when just doing that was enough of a struggle, after all.

But it’s been four years since I last failed my eponymous goal (yay me!), and during those last four years I’ve watched an average of 160 new films each year. I have done some rewatching in that time, but only a small number of films — disappointingly small, I’d say — and that’s pretty much how it’s been for the past ten years…

Well no longer, dear readers!

This year I’m adding a new component to my annual goal: in addition to watching at least 100 films I’ve never seen before, I decided to set a target to rewatch more. So I thought, “what should the target be?” A second hundred is patently ridiculous (even if I have watched give-or-take that many films total in each of the last two years). So then I thought, “how about half?” All things considered, 50 seemed a plausible goal — it’s only about one per week. But then I thought, “well, if it’s about one per week, why not make it one per week?” So the goal is 52.

152 films in a year — am I mad?! Well, this is why I mentioned my track record: these days, that number seems feasible to me. I’m also making it easier on myself by not necessarily reviewing the rewatches — as the Ghost of 82 insightfully pointed out recently, it’s the writing that really takes the time.

So, by December 31st 2017 I’ll: watch at least 100 new films, including 10 WDYMYHSes and 12 Blindspots, plus at least 52 rewatches.

I feel like I’m making this once-simple concept a bit complicated now…

5 thoughts on “Rewatchathon 2017

  1. Lol! I’m exhausted just reading this… ; ) I’m terrible about re-watching! I never re-watch anymore. Too many NEW things to watch! Right? It’s funny as I re-watched all my favorites over and over and over again in my teens….

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