What Do You Mean You Haven’t Seen…? 2017

As you’ll know from reading my Blindspot post, this year I’ve separated these very similar film-watching goals into two separate projects.

So what differentiates my WDYMYHS selection? Well, to mark my 10th blogiversary (did I do that “did I mention this already” joke already?)* I’ve attempted to identify the films from the last ten years that I really should have seen. Rather than my usual loopy array of repurposed lists, however, I just popped on Letterboxd and dug out the “most popular” film I’d not seen from each of the last ten years. I was interested to discover I already own half of them on Blu-ray, have another downloaded and another recorded, and can find the rest on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Now TV — one on each, in fact. I mean, I couldn’t’ve planned that more neatly.

Anyway, these ten films — in chronological order — are:


Into the Wild


Gran Torino




Black Swan




Silver Linings Playbook








Hail, Caesar!

So that’s 22 films I must watch among this year’s 100. Okay.

Oh, but, one more thing…

* Yes — twice. So far. ^

10 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You Haven’t Seen…? 2017

  1. Awesome list. Into the Wild is excellent. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve had the Moon Blu-Ray sitting patiently there waiting for a view. I’m looking forward to it – the problem is just that so many other movies muscle their way into the queue. I enjoyed Black Swan and Drive was quite different. Argh…Nighcrawler also on my list. So many movies… 😀

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    • I’ve been meaning to get round to most of them for yonks, so it’s worked out nicely. Ironically, the one that was least on my radar, Into the Wild, is the one I’ll probably watch first, as its on Netflix while I’ve got that.


  2. Love the list! Want to know what I’ve seen from this list? Of course you do! I’ve seen: All except Hail, Caesar! Seriously! I rock. I honestly don’t know if a film has EVER moved me as much as Room… (And I watch A LOT of movies. As you know). Didn’t dislike any of these but especially liked Moon, Her & Drive. And Gran Torino is an underrated Eastwood film.

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