Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013)

2015 #65
Declan Lowney | 85 mins | download (HD) | 2.35:1 | UK & France / English | 15 / R

Alan Partridge: Alpha PapaSteve Coogan brings his popular character to the big screen. When Partridge’s radio station colleague Pat (Colm Meaney) is fired, he takes a group of employees hostage at gunpoint. At Pat’s request, Partridge is sent in to negotiate.

Some claim the film hinges on in-jokes and references to the numerous Partridge series, but that’s poppycock: as someone who’s never watched one, I didn’t even sense I was missing something. Indeed, even as someone who’s never seen the character’s appeal, I thought the film was hilarious. A bit long, and it doesn’t really know how to end, but, otherwise, consistently funny.

4 out of 5

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa remains available on iPlayer until 10:45pm on Monday.

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