A ¼ through 2010

I’ve probably overdone this ‘gag’ already (either that or it’s on course to be A Grand Tradition), but I’m going to allow myself a bit of self congratulation on this occasion.

After only just scraping to 100 films in 2008, and falling notably short last year, it’s good to find things finally going well: as the title may’ve led you to guess (considering we’re about 31 days away from genuinely being a quarter of the way through the year), I’ve already made it to 25 new films seen this year. Hurrah!

Number-wise, I should’ve made it to just 16 by now (“should’ve” meaning “if I wanted to hit 100 on New Year’s Eve moving at a regular rate”). Last year I’d reached a pathetic 7 at this point — 9 short, where this year I’m currently 9 ahead. It’s like some kind of symmetry. In 2008 I was still short at 12, while in the first year — which ultimately totalled 129 — I’d made it 21. Hopefully, this bodes well.

(To put it in a different context, in other years I reached 25 in mid March 2007, early May 2008 and mid May 2009.)

Pat on the back over, it’s back to actually watching films. 25 in two months — 150 by the end of December? Well, we’ll see..

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