A new era begins…

100 Films in a Year is dead.
Long live 100Films.co.uk

Welcome to my new-look blog!

Don’t worry, you’re going to find a lot of it familiar — I haven’t changed the underlying template, and all the old posts are still there, looking like they always did. Well, almost like they always did: I’ve chosen a new font for headings, so that’ll change. But, primarily, it’s a new name and a new logo, which is showcased on the front page in dozens of randomly-changing header images. (The old header and logo endured for seven years, and that was only a tweak & rearrange of the one I’d had for several years before that, so I think a redesign was about due anyway.) There are 20 new banners in total — can you catch ’em all?

More substantively, along with the revised aesthetics comes an adjusted focus.

As regular readers will know, I’ve been pondering “what to do about the blog” for a few years now, but the need for change was really brought to a head in 2021, when I spent most of the year only posting my monthly summaries. There were a couple of things going on that needed addressing. One: what to do about reviews? I wasn’t posting them regularly even before they ground to a total halt, and my ever-increasing backlog of unreviewed films — allowed to mount up over the past couple of years — numbers almost 500. Two: what to do about my eponymous challenge? Reaching 100 films every year has become a relative doddle: the last time I fell short was almost a decade ago, and in four of the last seven years I’ve reached 200 films in a year. Was that unchallenging challenge really still a fitting thing to base my blog around?

The easiest answer to the latter: move the goalposts. But to what? Another easy answer: stop doing it. But I didn’t want to give up blogging entirely. So, a new blog? Nah: a blog is a ‘brand’ (for want of a better word), and I wasn’t in the mood to start from scratch.

Ultimately, the inspiration for change came from the easiest of places. I’ve always referred to this place as 100 Films for short, including using that handle on Twitter and registering the domain 100films.co.uk — previously that just referred you on to my WordPress URL, but last week I moved the site over to it properly. (All the old WordPress URLs should still work, which is handy because otherwise I’d have a lot of link-fixing to do…) So, I could ditch “in a Year” and just go with the shorter title. But why that name? Oh, who needs a why? Though, to justify it at least somewhat, I intend to start a new occasional series about various 100-film lists — you know, like the Sight & Sound poll, or all those AFI ones. Plus, the “coming soon” page is going, to be replaced by an ever-changing list of the last 100 films I watched.

Which brings us back round to the other issue: reviews, and/or what other kinds of posts will appear. In short, my plan is to go back to the blog’s roots, with roundup posts every week or couple of weeks that review what I’ve watched in short capsule-like form. If I have more to say about a film, and the time to write it, I’ll still post separate full-length reviews. How often that will happen, only time will tell. (This “review as I go” approach is part of why the “coming soon” page is being retired.)

There are a few other ideas I have up my sleeve, but I don’t want to overwhelm with too much forward planning right now. Over the coming days, weeks, and months, the new and revised features of this fresh era will become apparent. Plus, some changes have had to wait until the ‘new’ site was live, so only now am I going to begin rethinking the menus, for example. And, to be honest, I’m still unsure of some of the details myself, so there may be aspects of the ‘old site’ that hang around for a bit before being discarded, or change and develop over time. We’ll just see how things go.

Also, there’s the small matter of wrapping up the last year of the ‘old’ blog, because I still have to post the statistics and my best (and worst) films of 2021. All that will be coming — complete with familiar graphics and imagery — over the next few days (as usual, a specific timeframe is hard to nail down. I haven’t even chosen a lot of it yet, never mind written it).

But first, later today I’ll explain how reports of 100 Films in a Year’s death may have been grossly exaggerated…

5 thoughts on “A new era begins…

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  2. On Sunday afternoon I was playing around with different themes to try spruce up my blog. I kept going ‘live’ with different wordpress themes and I guess anyone browsing my blog at the time would have thought they were going nuts, but anyway, nothing stuck so I put it off again. I even spent time designing a logo but that’s a bit of a bugger itself (there’s nothing ‘free’ on the web with those logo-design apps no matter how ‘free’ they purport to be).

    I keep berating myself that there is no such thing as a free lunch and maybe, as I devote so much time to my blog, that I should put my money where my keyboard is and upgrade my account, get access to some decent themes and spruce it up properly… well, we’ll see. Problem is, I always decide to spend my money on Blu-rays instead…

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    • The cost aspect, my thinking in the end was essentially “I spend enough time on this place, surely it’s worth a couple of quid?” WordPress’ personal plan is only £3 a month, and I pay £1 a month for the .co.uk URL… which is a good way of thinking about it, because “£48 a year” sounds a lot more to me than “£4 a month”. But it’s still not a lot, really — one box set sacrificed, or a couple of UHD titles. Hey, there’s always sales…

      I know what you mean about the themes. I felt like I should pick a new one to go with the redesign, but I just really like this one — it felt ‘right’ when I landed on it all those years ago (it’s the 2011 theme and I’ve had this WordPress account just over 10 years, so probably a full decade!), and it still feels ‘right’ now. As for the logo, it does take time. I used one of those free apps to get some inspiration, then toddled off and made it myself. Definitely cheaper, but also time consuming, especially if you go down a route you end up not liking and have to backtrack and start again.


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