300 Films in a Year (sort of) (again)

I don’t really expect to ever again be in the position where I could whip out a natty ‘300 Films’ logo

That’s me, writing in December 2018. I really ought to stop saying stuff like that because, well, here I am again!

To clarify, it’s the same as last time: I haven’t reached 300 films according to the rules of my main count (i.e. films I’ve never seen before), but when you bundle together my ‘main list’ of new films and my Rewatchathon, I’ve reached 300.

I actually got there on December 8th, but I didn’t twig at the time because I’ve been engulfed in FilmBath still (it had finished this time last year, but this year we’ve been delayed by lockdowns and what have you). The date matters because that’s actually one day earlier than I got there last time. It would’ve been more remarkable if it was the exact same date, but still, what’re the odds it would be so close?

At one point this year it looked conceivable that I’d reach a ‘true’ 300 Films in a Year. That’s not going to happen (I’d have to watch 44 new films in the next 18 days — an average of 2.4 per day, every single day, for the rest of the month. Some people watch that kind of volume, but for me it’s just not feasible; doubly so when some of those days include the enforced family time of Christmas). But if the history of this blog has taught me anything, it’s to never say never — perhaps someday I’ll be telling you that I’ve reached that elusive true #300…

6 thoughts on “300 Films in a Year (sort of) (again)

  1. Hey, after that, 365 (one film a day?) is surely only inevitable, albeit not exactly healthy. Congratulations mate, that’s a hell of a lot of viewing.

    Have you considered aiming low last year, less watching but more posting? I miss how frequent your blog updates used to be. I guess much of that is real-world problems (we’ve all had that this year of all years) but its no doubt a fact that if you’re so busy watching 300 films, it leaves you less time to post about them.

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    • Many years ago, when I used to post about films strictly in the order I’d watched them, it got to the point where I wasn’t watching anything because I felt I was too far behind on my posts — which felt a bit arse-about-face to me. But perhaps I have now gone too far the other way, what with my review backlog currently numbering 339 (oh dear God, I hadn’t actually realised how big it had become!)

      Yeah, there’s a definite need for some kind of corrective action, I think.


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