A Special Announcement

If you’re reading this on the web, the banner at the top of the page will have already given the game away. If you’re on a device/app/whatever that doesn’t display that banner image, here it is again:

300 Films in a Year

Imagine that materialising to the cool synthy music from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. (Creating this is what inspired me to rewatch Thor: Ragnarok last month, as opposed to the other way round.)

Regular readers may be thinking, “but he’d only reached #247 nine days ago! No one can watch 53 films in nine days… can they?” No, you’re right, they can’t. Well, it is physically possible, but surely you’d have to be mad to attempt it (it’s almost six films a day, every day, for over a week). Possible or not, I didn’t do it. So how am I at 300? Well, allow me to explain…

Firstly: saying I’ve reached 300 is, technically, a cheat.

Secondly: it’s only a cheat according to my own rules, i.e. that only films I’ve never seen before count. If you objectively totalled up how many feature films I’ve watched in 2018, you would indeed get 300… because you’d be including my Rewatchathon. (My Letterboxd stats say the count is 336, but that’s because they include short films and some selected TV episodes too.) To be precise, my 2018 main list is currently at #254, topped up by a Rewatchathon that’s reached #46.

Still, it’s not really 300, is it? Not by the rules I’ve been using to dictate how many films I’ve seen for the past twelve years of this blog. But the thing is, I don’t really expect to ever again be in the position where I could whip out a natty “300 Films” logo, so I thought I’d take this opportunity while I had it.

Anyway, it’s not forever. The new logo will stay until my 2018 coverage is finished (i.e. sometime in early January, after all the stats and lists), and then I’ll revert to plain ol’ 100 Films, ready to attempt this all over again in 2019.

6 thoughts on “A Special Announcement

  1. Well, I think the norm for you should be ‘200 Films A Year’ for 2019- you breeze past 100 before the summer is over usually. Maybe you should then allow the rewatched films to count too? I’ve always adopted your rules with my blog too- I don’t count films I’ve seen before (God knows if I counted the times I’ve rewatched Blade Runner or BR2049 as seperate units I’d be easing past 100 myself) but maybe we should. I sometimes think that while it’s great seeing new films there’s lots of old ones I’d like to rewatch and post about but I very rarely do, and they feel a bit of a waste because they don’t count towards any total.

    I think what I’m getting at, is maybe adopt a general rule that you only assign a number to a review i.e. a post about watching a film for the first or third/fourth time, and only when its online, so a film watched but not reviewed doesn’t count. I’m sort of doing this already, because I often see films and don’t review them on my blog so they don’t count towards any total- I never reviewed The Greatest Showman or several others and didn’t record/register them anywhere on any total of films watched. I suppose I’m doing it all wrong but if I’ve nothing to say or so much time goes by that it feels redundant, the film/tv show doesn’t get a review and doesn’t go in any tally.

    Its tricky. I think next year if I carry on the blog again, I’ll attempt more of a Film Journal feel (back to my blogging roots) and record films old as well as new, more a journal of what I’m actually watching in real time, even if the reviews/commentary are shorter. I’m still thinking about it. This year has been my blog’s most successful yet, more posts and many more reads/visits than ever (I passed my 2017 totals months ago) and I’d hate the effort and success go to waste. The balance between the time spent watching films etc and the time actually writing about them is difficult.

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    • It does feel a bit daft having 100 as the end-goal when I’ve waltzed to it the past few years. It’s not the feat it once was. But 200… I know I’ve gone waaay past that this year, but it’s the only time it’s been so easy (when I got to 200 that one time before it was a push in the final days). Is the point to really push myself, or just to set a plausible, attainable goal to ensure I keep watching stuff? I’m not sure anymore. When I first started this whole shebang, it was to ‘encourage’ me to watch more films. But I’ve got into the habit now, I think!

      Back then it was also more of a personal goal than a blogging endeavour — I first listed my 2007 viewing on a general blog, which is why those reviews are only a couple of sentences each. At the time I felt I wasn’t watching enough new films, hence the “only new films count” rule… which in time has led to me feeling I don’t rewatch enough, hence the Rewatchathon. Maybe it is time for a combined tally, to make rewatching as ‘important’ as new viewing. The Rewatchathon is halfway towards that, I think (which was my thinking behind making it a firm goal, rather than a general “I’ll try to rewatch more”).

      I don’t think I’ll ever count reviews instead of views, because it’s the latter that’s the “point” for me. At one point I did let the blog almost take precedence, when I’d decide not to watch a film because I was already several reviews behind — but I ‘got over’ that, as my current backlog (now pushing 130) shows! But with that in mind, I definitely need to rethink my “review everything” objective. As you say, the time balance between watching and writing is its own challenge.


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