What Do You Mean You Haven’t Seen…? 2018

In an emulation of last year, in 2018 I’m setting myself the goal of watching not only a dozen Blindspot films, but also a decad WDYMYHS movies. Last year there was a reason for this (marking my tenth blogiversary); this year, I’m doing it just because it worked before.

In another similarity to last year, my Blindspot list is a ‘free choice’ selected from films I either already own or have ready access to (i.e. they’re available on Netflix / Amazon Prime / etc), while my WDYMYHS list is chosen by mixing together lists of must-see movies to find those that consensus says I should’ve seen.

To select this year’s ten, I noted films from IMDb’s Top 250 (or whatever they want to call it nowadays) that I already owned or had ready access to, then saw which were also on They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?’s 1,000 Greatest Films. Then I narrowed that long-list to films that also helped complete a list on iCheckMovies. After ruling out Princess Mononoke under my old “no duplicate directors” rule (because I really wanted to include Nausicaä on my Blindspot list; and also because I’d already had a shot at Mononoke during 2015’s list), these were my final ten — listed here in whatever order they ended up ranked.

Das Boot

The Lives of Others

Full Metal Jacket






The Elephant Man


Exciting observation: six of them are from the ’80s. No idea how or why that came about.

3 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You Haven’t Seen…? 2018

  1. Brave of you to announce publicly the films you haven’t seen – all the above are classics – and of course we all have our own skeletons, don’t we? STALKER is a title I own but one I haven’t dared to put on yet (though I know it will be good, heavy going but good). Of those you have listed, I can’t recommend AMADEUS highly enough – it’s a treat of a movie, full of great characters and good humour, and of course some of the sublime music ever created.

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    • As you say, we’ve all got our own gaps — some more than others, maybe! My particular weakness at the minute seems to be “long movies from the ’80s”, as 60% of these are from the ’80s and their average length is just over two-and-a-half hours.

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