The Mid-Month Update for the Middle of September 2017

Hello, dear reader! How are you? Well, I hope. Me? Can’t complain.

That said, you may have noticed it’s been a tad quiet here of late. (Or maybe you haven’t. That’s OK, I don’t blame you.) There’s no grand or exciting reason for that, I’m afraid — September’s just turned out to be a busier-than-average month ’round these parts, leaving precious little spare time for blogging.

Indeed, the fact it’s the middle of the month (a couple of days past, in fact) has snuck up on me somewhat. Thanks to that, September is trending behind average: with only four new films watched so far, could this be the first month in over three years to not reach the ten-film threshold? (Gasp!)

Anyway, things are hopefully calming down now, so regular reviewing should resume shortly…

2 thoughts on “The Mid-Month Update for the Middle of September 2017

  1. I don’t know how you keep up your regular pace, I find there’s far too many distractions with work and life as it is. Finding quality time for watching films or tv series, nevermind actually writing about them, is crazy these days and never gets any easier. It’s a little like thinking back to my youth and all the books that I used to read. These days I read so little.

    And of course I used to paint! God knows I used to paint and draw so much, I lived and breathed it. Now? Not at all, really.

    “Time enough”, one of Roy Batty’s lines in Blade Runner. Who was he kidding.

    Bit sad. Makes me think about time, and time spent actually LIVING, as opposed to just time passing us by. Not that we all have the luxury but the aspiration should be there. Bit maudlin but it’s late, but hey, still time for a movie… Except no there isn’t. Oh well…

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    • I’ve definitely slowed down my pace with regards to posting this year. But not so much with viewing, so I’ve got a huge backlog!

      There’s never enough time for everything. Life is definitely what happens while we’re busy making other plans, as the saying goes. Generally plans about which films to watch, in my case.


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