Local Hero (1983)

2014 #75
Bill Forsyth | 111 mins | download | 1.85:1 | UK / English | PG / PG

Local HeroGentle comedy in which Peter Riegert’s middle-management American oil exec has to persuade the residents of a Scottish village to sell up, unaware that they’re only too keen — for the right price. One of Quentin Tarantino’s Coolest Movies of All Time (seriously).

It’s a funny one, lacking some structural focus and, being independently produced, able to eschew expected endings and pat resolutions. The cast make it, particularly Denis Lawson as the town’s publican/hotelier/solicitor/leader and Burt Lancaster as a beleaguered CEO.

A more acquired taste than you might expect, Local Hero is lightly, loosely likeable. But cool? Hm.

4 out of 5

In the interests of completing my ever-growing backlog, I decided to post ‘drabble reviews’ of some films. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a drabble is a complete piece of writing exactly 100 words long. You’ve just read one.

2 thoughts on “Local Hero (1983)

    • I certainly don’t think you’d get anything like the same film if it had been made recently; at least, not if produced as a mainstream movie. The basic plot sounds like it would fit in the Full Monty/Four Weddings/etc mould of Brit-coms, but it doesn’t play that way at all.


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