Week of the Living Dead

I don’t really go in for Halloween all that much. I think trick or treaters are somewhere between a nuisance and criminals (they knock on your door demanding payment under threat of violence!), and other than that what is there to acknowledge? I’m never organised enough to be watching a particular movie, and TV doesn’t help — indeed, both this year and last several channels had scary movies on a few days earlier, then rom-coms or somesuch on the night itself. Why?

But this year is a little different, dear reader. This year, I am going to be organised with terrifying tales of terror — and not just for one night, but for a whole week. Muahahahaha!

I still hate trick or treaters though.

Anyway, I’ve had George A. Romero’s ‘Dead’ series sat on my shelf on Blu-ray for a few years now, a ragtag selection of editions from different distributors around the world (well, OK, one is American) that represent pretty much the best versions available for a reasonable price. But I’ve never seen them, not a one, and six films is a near-perfect number to base a week around. And so we have…

Well, you know what we have — it’s the title of this post.

If all goes to plan (we’ll see), I’ll be watching and reviewing the films on a daily basis, beginning in the morning with the original Night of the Living Dead. To be very handy about it all, see below for links to the reviews as they become available.

And on the seventh day, I rested.

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