November 2012

Christ, is it December already?!

Never mind film watching (though, more on that in a minute), what the hell’s going on with my film reviewing?! I’ve got stuff backed up to January there, and it’s going to be January again at this rate. I don’t know how I’ve let it fall so ludicrously behind this year, but Something Must Be Done — a dedicated amount of writing and posting, I do suppose. I keep getting distracted bringing old reviews over when something’s on telly, but I should make a concerted effort to post new stuff more regularly. I wonder what might help with that

Back to November…

The past month has done very little to contribute to that backlog, mind — just four new films, half the amount required to keep me on track. Also, this year’s weakest month (previous was a tie between May and June, each with five).

It means I go in to December ever so slightly behind. But that’s OK — before now, I’ve started December with just 81 films under my belt and made it to 100, so 91 should be a cinch. Equally, the year after that I went in with 80 and only made it to 94… but that was the only year I didn’t make 100, so it’s hardly a precedent.

November’s filmsThe Call of Cthulhu

#87a Thunderball (1965)
#88 Tiny Furniture (2010)
#89 The Call of Cthulhu (2005)
#90 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part I (2012)
#91 Moonfleet (1955)

Next time on the all-new 100 Films in a Year monthly update…

For the next month, lots of reviews! And in one month, I’ll let you know if I made it to (or even past) 100.

And then there’s all the lists and stats and fun! Just what you need to pick you up after Christmas, I’m sure.

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