25 Films I Own That I Really Should Have Seen

This was originally published almost exactly a year ago (as the date above will show). Below, I’ve added an update.

Also new, I feel like I’ve been Quite Clever with the featured image above. It would’ve been even cleverer to get all the DVDs/BDs out and line them up and take a photo, but that’s an amount of effort too far.

Anyway. The original post:

As I reach the three-quarter mark of this year’s 100 films, I’ve decided to take a little look at what’s become a sort of recurring theme this year: films I own but have never got round to watching. And, because I have 25 films left to go this year, there’ll be 25 of them (if I was doing all of the eligible titles we’d be here forever).

And these aren’t necessarily the 25 most significant films or anything — I’m sure if everyone was able to peruse my list of owned-but-never-seen films we’d all come out with different shortlists — but they’re 25 that, for one reason or another (often recommendations by other filmjournal-ists*), I should have seen by now.

Note, mind, that this is no guarantee that these will now be my next 25 films. Indeed, I think I can guarantee they won’t be — my viewing is too beholden to the vagaries of TV scheduling and what LOVEFiLM choose to send me, as well as random fluctuations of whim and fancy. But I really should put a great deal more effort into getting round to these ones.

So, in strictly alphabetical order, we have…

1) The 39 Steps and dozens of other Hitchcocks.
2) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
3) Brazil
4) City of God
5) Comrades
6) Day Watch
7) Die Hard with a Vengeance
8) Fantômas parts 3-5
9) Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse
10) Heroes of the East
11) Lawrence of Arabia
12) A Matter of Life and Death or any other Powell & Pressburger film.
13) Moon, and District 9, and other recent acclaimed SF/F films.
14) Night of the Living Dead and the five other Romero zombie films.
15) Oldboy
16) Once Upon a Time in America
17) Princess Mononoke and several other anime films.
18) Rififi
19) Seven Samurai
20) Solomon Kane
21) The Spider Woman and the seven other Rathbone Holmeses I haven’t yet covered.
22) Touch of Evil, not to mention dozens of other film noirs.
23) Up, and also A Bug’s Life and Cars.
24) Waterloo
25) Zatoichi

OK, yes, you might argue some of those “and also”s are cheating, but it’s my list, so ner.

I was going to write little blurbs for each too, as there are all sorts of reasons for each inclusion… but there’s 25 for chrissake, does anyone care that much? I mean, if you’re curious, I’ll happily fill in any or all gaps, but this post is beginning to feel a bit self indulgent and faintly masochistic as it is. Some of the links offer an explanation or a hint at one; others are just IMDb, sorry.

UPDATE (29/8/2012)

In the past year I’ve seen four of the 42 films specifically mentioned in that list: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, The Spider Woman, The Scarlet Claw and Cars.

I am a terrible person.

* Highlighting all of these makes me feel terribly rude, actually. And I didn’t even include all of them. It’s nothing personal chaps. ^

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