June 2010

Being the films I watched in the month of June, in the year of 2010, that count toward my goal of seeing 100 films this year.

I might change that intro next month.


The start of July is, perhaps obviously, halfway through the year. In terms of film-viewing, then, I should have reached 50, obviously. (Actually, dividing it up equally (or as equally as one can) across 365 days, I should reach 50 tomorrow.) As attentive regular readers will be aware, I actually reached 50 last month.

It’s nice to be well ahead of schedule after last year’s failure (I promise to stop going on about that when this year’s final total is in), though obviously I can’t get complacent — as July begins I’ve still got 36 films to go. That’s significantly better than the 51 it ‘should’ be, but July 2009 was also when I didn’t watch a single film.

Will that happen again? Probably not. But I have slowed down. And I lay the blame squarely at the door of Battlestar Galactica, which I finally started getting into this month. It’s as excellent and addictive as everyone has spent the last few years telling me, and rushing through it in two or three or four episode clumps is eating into my regular film-viewing time. Back when I bought the Blu-ray, someone somewhere on the web that I can’t find now predicted it would take over my viewing and wreck getting to 100 in 2009. Well, that did for itself (I think I may’ve mentioned that?), and, me being me, I haven’t got round to watching BSG ’til now… but fingers crossed it doesn’t manage to destroy 2010. I’m 16 ahead for one thing — and I have a plan…

Anyway, here are the seven films I did find time for this month:

#58 Public Enemies (2009)
#59 Final Destination (2000)
#60 2012 (2009)
#61 The International (2009)
#62 True Lies (1994)
#63 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)
#64 Mulan (1998)

Pretty piccies

This month’s Thought Of The Day (or, y’know, whatever) is on pictures. I’ve been including them in reviews since March now and, as Colin commented at the time, “it always adds a little something to a piece”. But I wanted to take a chance to query if anyone had any thoughts on them. Are there typically too many, for example? Or too few? Too big? Not big enough? Badly placed on the page? Or anything else that may occur.

An insignificant wondering, perhaps, but they’re meant to make the blog nicer/easier to read, so if there’s something off about them I’m open to suggestions and pointers. Not that I’ll necessarily change anything, but it’s nice to know what people think.

Goodbye to the auteur

Actually, I’m not about to offer up a treatise on why auteur theory is/isn’t valid any more/ever. No, I’ve just got rid of the “Directors” list of categories/keywords this month. They were pretty useless, really; a random selection of directors with varying degrees of coverage (some didn’t even have any films reviewed here) that just clogged up the sidebar by being long. I’m considering a new page to list directors who have two/three/a-higher-starting-number films reviewed here, but I don’t want to stuff the menu bar with unnecessary links either.

Next time on the all-new 100 Films in a Year monthly update…

July! The month when, last year, I failed to watch a single new film, leaving me 19 behind target by the start of August.

I’ve gotta do better than that, right?


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