It’s halfway through 2009!

“But it’s September!” I hear you cry in response to my patently ludicrous title. “That’s not halfway through the year by any reasonable measure!” No, it isn’t — but it is (if you haven’t already guessed) the point at which I’ve seen 50 new films in 2009 (at last!); the halfway mark (obviously) of my annual goal. Yep, I’m more behind than Usain Bolt running in the wrong direction.

But still, I’ve had my reasons, and thankfully most of them are done with (cheerio dissertation!) Now I intend to launch a concerted effort to make up the remaining 50 and hit 100 before the year’s out, an aim I’ve yet to fail. (To be fair, I’ve only tried twice.)

But you know what they say about good intentions — they litter the path to not having seen enough films in a year.

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