Another dismal January

It seems like barely a couple of months since I was posting about a dismal January; but, of course, it was a year ago (today!)* — and I’ve just had another equally mediocre month.

Stuck with a huge pile of leftover reviews from 2008, I’ve yet to even post a 2009 one — in fact, there’s still a 2008 one to go! I’m not very happy with many of these final ’08 pieces, mainly because they’re all a bit rushed. I guess that’s part of why I have a blog rather than being published or somesuch…

Plus, having such a backlog to review always puts me off watching anything new, which is why I rush through the reviews, but it still means my total has only reached five — exactly the same as this point last year. Damn it. At least there’s another 47 & a half weeks to turn things around…

* Ironically, in repostathon land it’s not even been a couple of months, merely a couple of days. ^

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