2007 | Week 36

While I’ve managed to keep things to single-week entries for a fair while now, I suspect it’ll be back to double-weekers for at least next week. I’m off to New York for eight days, y’see (also explaining why this entry is ever so slightly earlier than usual), and my film watching is likely to be minimal. Though there’s a cinema right near the apartment, so you never know. Maybe I’ll finally see The Bourne Ultimatum

This week is an unusually short one. Normally I’d just carry it over into the next entry, but one very important thing stops me…

I’ve reached 100!

Hurrah! And, as predicted, I’m there well before the end of the year! In fact, there’s only just shy of a third of it left, meaning that my average viewing has me hitting 145 by year’s end. Quite a bit more than 100, clearly. Of course, the spacious summer weeks are now giving way to term time work, so quite how well that whole average thing will work out is another matter entirely.

But, for now — 100! Whoo! And I specially picked a pretty momentous film to view in celebration of the achievement. In film terms, you’d struggle to find any more significant than… well, read on, and you’ll see…

#99 Starter for Ten

#100 Citizen Kane

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