2007 | Week 34

This was going to be the first double-week entry in a fair while, the main reason being that I’m going away for the best part of a week very shortly, probably without internet to post an entry. But then I watched a fair few films at the start of this week and decided to just do an earlier entry instead! So this may be called Week 34, but it’s actually Week 34 Days 1-4, and the next entry will just silently include Week 34 Days 5-7 (if I even watch anything then). I’m sure no one will mind but me.

If I do get the net working during my away-time, you may be lucky enough to see the first stand-alone editorial here. I’ve been musing on the IMDb Top 250 and may put some of those thoughts down. [2015 edit: I don’t think I ever did.]

Anyway, several over-long reviews this week — I appear to be losing my self control on that front. They’ll have multiple paragraphs before long, you mark my words!

Something I’ve also just noticed is that across five reviews I’ve used four different scores. Considering I’ve so far this year only seen one film deserving of the lowest score, that’s quite a spread. Just a shame the scores nicely rise only to fall right back at the end…

#91 Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth

#92 The Cat’s Meow

#93 Letters from Iwo Jima

#93a Gone with the Wind

#94 The Black Dahlia

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