Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope – DVD Edition (1977/2004)

2007 #81a
George Lucas | 120 mins | DVD | U / PG

Star Wars - Episode IV: A New HopeMuch criticism has been made of Lucas deciding to modify the original trilogy for the 1997 re-release, and then further for the 2004 DVD release. It’s not necessarily unjustified, but it is sometimes picky. If Han shooting first bothered you, you may be a little pleased to know they now shoot at the same time.

There are a few other extremely minor changes from the ’97 version… sadly, though, not to the CGI: Jabba still looks dire, not even as good as the Episode I version — CGI that was five years old by the time of this release. The film itself is still a fun sci-fi-fantasy action/adventure, devoid of many problems that plague the new trilogy.

4 out of 5

My thoughts on the Star Wars saga as a whole — including more detail on A New Hope — can be read here.

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