The Reckless Moment (1949)

2007 #24
Max Ophüls | 79 mins | DVD | 12

The Reckless MomentOphüls’ film noir about a mother who covers up the death of her daughter’s much older boyfriend. I think I’m perhaps erring on the side of generosity with the rating, but it is still quite a good film. Certainly it allowed me to play one of my favourite games: what would I change if I remade it? I had a few quite good ideas, actually. I’m tempted to start writing…

4 out of 5

Postscript #1 (9/7/2014)
The Reckless Moment was probably only the second or third film noir I’d ever seen, and I don’t think I properly appreciated what I was watching. It doesn’t really come across in this ‘review’ (being as it is from the era when I was only providing a couple of lines on each film), but I’ve felt for several years now that the sense of apathy I felt then (which I think is implied) no longer reflects my memory of the film. I would dearly like to get round to revisiting it and form a fresh opinion, but until then this is archived as-is.

Postscript #2 (22/10/2017)
Having finally rewatched it, I posted a couple of brief thoughts on Letterboxd, here.

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