2007 | Weeks 1-7

The aim of the original idea from which this blog is adapted is to read 50 books this year and list them here. There’s no way I’d manage that, to be honest. Yes, I’m an English Lit student — that doesn’t mean I read! So my version is to try to watch 100 films this year and, of course, list them here. This is 100 films I’ve never seen before, mind, so constantly re-watching old favourites won’t get me anywhere. Neither will the Bond-in-order thing I have planned for some point, what with me now having seen them all. Oh dear.

Anyway, I shall also be giving the films a rating out of 5 and a review. No doubt these will be of varying lengths — knowing me they’ll start as a single short sentence and progress to 10,000 word essays on each. But we’ll see. [2015 edit: I wasn’t far wrong! Though I haven’t quite reached 10,000 words — I believe my Skyfall review is my longest at around 5,000.] Also included are various virtually-useless accompanying notes, like where I saw them (e.g. cinema, DVD, TV), the year they were made, and who directed them.

So we begin here, covering weeks one to seven of this year. The week beginning 26th February is week nine, for those who don’t know — I’ll get to covering week eight soon, and indeed week nine in time also. For these first seven weeks I can’t remember the precise order I watched the films in, so they’re grouped in a bit of alphabetical order and a bit in what I can remember of their relation to each other. To be honest, I think they’re just a bit of a mess now.

#1 Eragon

#2 Thumbsucker

#3 Basil the Great Mouse Detective

#4 Boogie Nights

#5 A Cock and Bull Story

#6 Octopussy

#7 For Your Eyes Only

#8 Ong-Bak

#9 The Last Days of Pompeii

#10 It

#11 The Pursuit of Happyness

#12 South Pacific

#13 Romance & Cigarettes

#14 The Prestige

#15 This is Spinal Tap

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